Saturday, August 1, 2009

Egg Salad

My "weekend" now falls on Tuesday and Wednesday so there's not always a whole lot going on. I have turned to Netflix and have been enjoying a bunch of Audrey Tatau movies. Somehow I don't feel like I am being lazy if I am watching a movie in a different language.

Also, I have been watching the first season of "Man v. Food." I want this dude's job. Today, while wolfing down a Jimmy John's sub I got to thinking...

If you entered a food-eating contest where you won by out-eating a competitor in an hour, what kind of food would you make you a champion?

I'd probably go with egg salad. Not necessarily because I like it, I just think I could eat a ton of it without getting sick.

Weird. Somehow writing this post has led me to Wiki Brain Salad Surgery. Interesting stuff.


  1. it's official, I'm Netflixing all of her movies as soon as I get done with this comment.

    Also, I make a kick ass egg salad.

  2. you should probably make a sign on your bathroom door to warn others if you ever do eat a ton of egg salad...or i guess, if you enter any eating contest. (ha)
    when i lived alone netflix was my hero.


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