Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The weekend started on Thursday because I took some time from work to take a staycation while my parents visited from Minnesota.  I cleaned the house and prepared for their visit.  They got into town late in the afternoon and we went out for Mexican food, visited the local watering hole, and chilled at the pad.  My grandma passed away about a year ago so my mom brought some more of her things out, it was fun to go through all of the knickknacks.
On Friday I took the 'rents to Golden for our annual brewery tour and stop at a saloon.  A lot of fun (and beer!) was had.  We met up with Bobaloo and our buddy Aa at home for dinner and drinks on the patio.  We had great tunes and grilling weather.

We all woke up early Saturday morning and packed ourselves and the dog up and headed to Glenwood Springs.  Glenwood Springs is my happy place and I was overjoyed to have my parents visit there for the first time.  Once we made it there we ate awesome food, hung out at the hot springs, checked out the local saloons, and laughed our heads off.  It was a great (a little overwhelming) way to spend my birthday.
We headed back to town on Sunday of course stopping into Black Hawk to do some gambling, my mom was the only one to win a little but we had fun.  When we made it back to the pad, we invited a couple of friends over and had food and drinks.
My folks left yesterday and I was glad to have taken the day off because I was wiped out and in much need for some peace and quiet.  I finished watching season one of Call the Midwife (Love!) and almost finished the entire first season of The Riches while it snowed and snowed and snowed.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Until my Expiration Date

Do you know what cracks me up about my mom?  Well, there are a lot of things.  When I was a kid, she would always try to find things with the expiration date the same as my birthday.  She made a big deal out of it too.  Check out the milk!  Check out the eggs!  I  found some mayonnaise that expires on your birthday!  It’s the small stuff, I guess.
She had me when she was thirty, now she is sixty.
Today I am thirty.
Thirty years old.
I don’t feel different.
I don’t look different.
I am definitely none the wiser.
Here's to thirty!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Friday was a fun night, Bobaloo and I headed out to see his friend's band play at the Buffalo Rose.  Goofs and drinks were had!  I stayed up too late but found a Patty Duke rerun on TV when I got home which was pretty awesome.
Saturday was a mellow day, I volunteered doing nails in the morning and Bobaloo and I kicked it at home for the rest of the day.  After a good deal of fussing and fighting with it, the badminton net was put up.  Bobaloo grilled kabobs, we had some beer (Shandy!), listened to tunes, played badminton, and played with the dog.

Yesterday, Bobaloo and I had coffee and ran some errands.  We stopped into the bar to take advantage of the awesome patio weather.  Sometimes there is profound wisdom on the chalkboard in the bathroom, yesterday there was not.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

in the can

Bobaloo doesn’t have the greatest luck.  I don’t know if it’s so much luck as weird stuff happens to him on the regular.  When we were dating he used to tell me stories of the strange everyday occurrences that would happen to him, I of course, thought he was exaggerating.

When we moved in together we always worked wonky schedules so here and there I would notice goofy interactions or the world messing with him.  It wasn’t until we got married, had similar work schedules, and started only using one car that I noticed all the weird crap that happens to him on a semi-daily basis.  Honestly there are times I dread pulling into the 7-11 because there is going to be some kind of tomfoolery happening that is going to make a 2 minute stop stretch to 10.  It seems to be that all of these weird little things add up to the microcosm of his life.  It’s hard to explain, so here are a few examples:

*He constantly gets strange change back (half dollars, two-dollar bills, Sacajawea coins).  The change isn’t from just one establishment either, this happens all around town.
*I joke that we can get anywhere 15 minutes faster if I drive because he will hit every.single.red.light.

*He always gets the wobbly bar stool.
*His food order always gets mixed up or has missing items.

*This post would take days if I went on with the list.
Usually his weird destiny doesn’t throw my stuff off but every once in a while, I am there to not only witness it, but participate (unwillingly).

A recent experience was a trip to Wal-Mart to buy a trashcan for the kitchen.  We made our way to the home section and they had an entire aisle of garbage cans in different materials, colors, etc.
We weren’t looking for anything too fancy, maybe just a $20 Rubbermaid with a lid.  Did you know they sell garbage cans for $80?  Well, we were sticking to the frugal choice.  Find a can, find a lid, and get out of there. 

We found a few that we liked but were unable to find one with a lid that fit.  Now, there were a lot of garbage cans and a lot of lids, what are the odds that not one thing would fit another in the entire aisle?  It dawned on me that I was shopping with Bobaloo and this was about turn into one of his weird things that happen only to him.  That saying, “no matter how crooked the pot, there’s always a lid that fits” certainly did not apply.  They even had labels with letters on them to help match a set up.  Bobaloo would pull out Cans J, C, and T and I would only find lids for G, P, and H.
We just wanted a garbage can.  After about ten minutes of maddening amusement we gave up and left with no trashcan.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Friday was a mellow evening at home. I attempted to cook dinner (eggplant ziti) and the house is still in one piece. I am trying to save moolah for some future fun so Bobaloo and I just stayed in.
The last Saturday of every month Bobaloo volunteers at Red Rocks. While he was busy with that, I cleaned and did a little bit of yard work. Hopefully, we can get some plants started in the yard soon. It was a beautiful day so we had a couple of friends over, drank beer, and listened to tunes. There were also some buzzed up craft projects taking place but that's a post for another time. All in all, a great day.
We shook off the cobwebs Sunday and headed to the Holiday Bar for the annual deviled egg competition. Bobaloo made his eggs Greek-style for this event. The day was gorgeous so we chilled out on the patio and had a few beers. Bobaloo's friend Billy came with and we were Bobaloo's egg groupies, called The Eggheads.

A great weekend was had and I was sad to see it come to an end but am looking forward to some fun plans ahead.