Monday, April 8, 2013

Friday was a fun night, Bobaloo and I headed out to see his friend's band play at the Buffalo Rose.  Goofs and drinks were had!  I stayed up too late but found a Patty Duke rerun on TV when I got home which was pretty awesome.
Saturday was a mellow day, I volunteered doing nails in the morning and Bobaloo and I kicked it at home for the rest of the day.  After a good deal of fussing and fighting with it, the badminton net was put up.  Bobaloo grilled kabobs, we had some beer (Shandy!), listened to tunes, played badminton, and played with the dog.

Yesterday, Bobaloo and I had coffee and ran some errands.  We stopped into the bar to take advantage of the awesome patio weather.  Sometimes there is profound wisdom on the chalkboard in the bathroom, yesterday there was not.



  1. "listened to tunes, played badminton, and played with the dog" happen to be among my very favorite things. Congratulations on a day well lived!

    1. It was a day I was glad to have as now we have 14" of snow back on the ground. Argh!


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