Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The weekend started on Thursday because I took some time from work to take a staycation while my parents visited from Minnesota.  I cleaned the house and prepared for their visit.  They got into town late in the afternoon and we went out for Mexican food, visited the local watering hole, and chilled at the pad.  My grandma passed away about a year ago so my mom brought some more of her things out, it was fun to go through all of the knickknacks.
On Friday I took the 'rents to Golden for our annual brewery tour and stop at a saloon.  A lot of fun (and beer!) was had.  We met up with Bobaloo and our buddy Aa at home for dinner and drinks on the patio.  We had great tunes and grilling weather.

We all woke up early Saturday morning and packed ourselves and the dog up and headed to Glenwood Springs.  Glenwood Springs is my happy place and I was overjoyed to have my parents visit there for the first time.  Once we made it there we ate awesome food, hung out at the hot springs, checked out the local saloons, and laughed our heads off.  It was a great (a little overwhelming) way to spend my birthday.
We headed back to town on Sunday of course stopping into Black Hawk to do some gambling, my mom was the only one to win a little but we had fun.  When we made it back to the pad, we invited a couple of friends over and had food and drinks.
My folks left yesterday and I was glad to have taken the day off because I was wiped out and in much need for some peace and quiet.  I finished watching season one of Call the Midwife (Love!) and almost finished the entire first season of The Riches while it snowed and snowed and snowed.

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  1. Cheers! The universe and my cabinets are driving me nuts, so I'm indulging in a midday cocktail.

    1. Lucky duck! I was thinking I should dry out for a couple of weeks after this last weekend but after the day I am having, five o'clock cannot come soon enough. Happy Hour here I come! Any other home projects on the horizon?

  2. Only by hired help.


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