Thursday, October 17, 2013

Terrific Lady Day (part deux)

Last Sunday the Bears weren't playing so I took the opportunity to find some cheapy matinee tickets.  This time we went to a different Fox Theatre in Aurora.

Bobaloo and I took in some culture and saw Avenue Q.  It's a musical.  There was puppet sex and a song about internet porn.  We're a classy bunch, I tell ya. 
The theatre was small and very cool.  The actor/puppeteers sounded great as did the band.  Here's a picture of the set...
We stopped and had a couple of cocktails before heading home.  And that is the conclusion of Terrific Lady Day (weekend).

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Terrific Lady Day (part 1)

Bobaloo is a pretty good sport when it comes to doing the things I'm into.  These activities include cheesy tourist traps, going to see plays, checking out alpaca shows, and all sorts of other things that might not be up his alley.  Once in a while I plan an Ultimate Extreme Fun Day to the Max.  If you watch The League you may have heard it referred to as, Terrific Lady Day.  It's hard to explain but basically, we do a bunch of stuff I want to do.

Last week was rough (see yesterday's post) so on Friday I found $10 tickets to go see Jerry Joseph & Jackmormons up in Boulder at the Fox Theatre.  Just what I needed, a night on the town with my dude.

First, we had drinks at our old stomping grounds.  We used to hang at this bar all the time.

The show was awesome!  I have never been to the Fox before and really dug it.  A lot of great energy and some good butt-shakin' music.

 It was a good night.  A really, really good night.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Glimpse of a Bad Day

Welcome back despair.  How have you been?  Same old, same old?  Good for you.

Me?  I’ve been content and awesome and satisfied with how hard I work to keep you at a distance.  And then you had the audacity to show up and fuck things up.  Pardon my French, but I think after all of the crap you put me through; you can have a few curse words slung your way.  So, fuck you.

Last week I felt the anxiety swelling up and making a heavy knot in my stomach.  A little later the sinking feeling of worthlessness crept in and my skin started to crawl.  And by the end of the day there were tears and I was the worst person in the universe and nobody loved me and I was a waste of space.  I felt claustrophobic in my own body and wanted to get out of it.  I wanted to be out of my skin.
The sky was falling.
I picked up an anti-anxiety prescription the next day and numbed out.  I took deep breaths and did my best to remember that the sinking feeling wouldn’t last forever and that I have people who love me very much.  And my body and my soul and my skin are blessings.  Blessings I have been charged to care for.
And just as quickly as it came, it was gone.

**Things are back to being hunky-dory**

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Finished Project

Back in September I started painting clothespins, and here is the finished project...

Sorry the pictures are a little weird, there isn't a whole lot of natural light in the kitchen. 

We live in a rental and all of the walls are painted white so I was trying to add color without putting a bunch of holes in the walls.

I ordered my favorite pictures from Snapfish, put up some of my postcard collection, Bobaloo hung up some twine, and there you have it!

No matter where I serve my guests, they seem to like my kitchen best.

Bobaloo is the cook in our family and this way he gets all of his people hanging out in his kitchen.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Goings On

It has been a busy couple of weeks, for sure.  I am wiped out because of the busyness and the change of seasons has me feeling a bit wonky too.  Pesky change.

We had a buddy of Bobaloo's staying with us for a few days and fun was had.  The fun included googly eyes, which gave birth to Sgt. Pepper...

My brother's visit went well.  I think he and his buddy had a good time.  It was kind of funny because anytime our parents texted us we were in the middle of a really wholesome activity like a game of Jenga or badminton.  Such good kids.

Bobaloo's folks came into town for our anniversary.  Bobaloo took them out and about during the day and then we relaxed and visited in the evening.  They took us out to Mimi's for an anniversary supper on Friday night.

The Halloween decorations are just about all up and I have made my list of stuff to do this fall and winter.


I finished a really great book, a good read if you enjoy learning about indigenous cultures or shamanism.

I have been going to see therapist dude every two weeks.  It seems to help.  I am prescription-free these days but have been taking daily vitamins and GABA here and there.  I missed my appointment last week because of visitors and car stuff and it was a reminder that I really need to be going every two weeks to help manage.  It's nice to be able to chat about all of the things I was anxious about since the last appointment and what potential stresses I have in the upcoming week that I might need some help with.  Good stuff.

So there we have it.  The goings on.

Do you have big plans for fall or winter?

Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4

October 4 is a big day.  8 years ago today Bobaloo and I woke up early in the morning and left Minnesota.  He drove the U-Haul and I followed behind in my car.  You can make it to Colorado in about 14 hours.  We decided to drive until we were tired and if we needed to take 2 days to make the trip so be it.

We reached a city in Nebraska called Ogallala and stopped to fill up the tanks.  At the gas station Bobaloo asked me if I wanted to stop for the night or keep going.  I told him I wanted to keep going.  And we did.

And that was as good as an I do.  We were in this together.  And we still are.

5 years ago today we woke up early in the morning, put on our Sunday best, and got hitched on a beautiful fall day in a canyon by a creek.

Did you know I met him at a Halloween party?  I did.

I even have a picture of that lucky night.

Get ready for the awesomeness...


He told me his favorite Neil Young song was Sugar Mountain and we found out that we both didn't like Dave Matthews Band and he obviously made me laugh (see above).  I think that was all I needed to know about him.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All you Need is Lovie

I used to hate football.  I mean, seriously hate it.

When we moved to Boulder, every Sunday morning during football season Bobaloo would go to the local bar to watch the 11:00 Bears game.  I would usually go with and drink vodka-lemonades and do the crossword puzzle just to get out of the apartment.  I had no interest in the game whatsoever.

And then Lovie Smith happened.  I love Lovie.  All you need is Lovie.  And gradually I started paying attention to the game, and then cheering, and then becoming a full-blown fan.

Nobody in Colorado is from Colorado.  We met a lot of Illinoisans that season.  That season was also particularly exciting because they made it to the Superbowl.

One of the folks we met was Grant.  Grant could tell if his entire week was going to be good or bad based on whether or not the Bears won.  Pretty intense, huh?  I don't know where Grant is these days but I worry for his blood pressure every football season.

During one particularly close game there was a bad play or a bad call, some kind of play that didn't bode well for the Bears.  And I will never forget Grant jumping out of his chair and animatedly yelling, "Jesus Christ!"

And then he sat back down, shook his head and muttered, "Sorry Jesus. Wait, no I'm not.  We all know Jesus is a Bears fan."