Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jill in Real Life

Blogs are fun. I have “met” a few interesting and fun people through my blog. Lora puts it nicely over at Fever; people I blog with.

Sometimes it’s hard to come across the same way in my blog as I do in real life. Here are some real life facts about me.

I embarrass easy and my face turns red.

I have weird personal space issues with strangers

I have a quiet laugh

I am goofier in person

I get louder, the more I drink

Once I get going, I am a chatterbox

I love music, like, really love it. Symbiotic stuff.

I know a lot about weird things.

I love foreign languages. Especially Spanish and French. I can read and write a little, but suck at speaking.

I am good at dispensing advice, however, not so great at taking it.

I come across as more patient than I actually am.

I also come across nicer than I probably really am. :)

I’ve met most of my good friends on cigarette breaks or at the bar.

If I had your address, I’d send you a Christmas card.

I get bored easily.

I make lists when I am out of blog inspiration. Hopefully, it will come back soon.


  1. At least you blog when you're out of inspiration. I do nothing.

    I sometimes wonder how much my blogonality reflects my true personality.

  2. Thank you for the shout out!
    We will be here through thick and thin, inspiration, perspiration, and expiration- that's the nice thing about blogging with someone


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