Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Tis The Season

It has been a while. I’ll use the excuse that my fingers were too cold to type.

The cold snap has put a damper on my disposition

and Christmas can be such an imposition.

In eight days I go to see my family. Everyone, including my brother who I haven’t seen in two years and a nephew I haven’t met. This makes me very happy.

In eight days I get to see all of my best friends, and my best friends’ spouses, and my best friends’ children. This makes me very happy.

I work on Christmas. I am happy to work on Christmas.

I work on New Year’s. I am unhappy to work on New Year’s.


  1. work is a great place to hide out on Christmas, and I miss having a job to do that.

    I guess it wouldn't be the same with the boy and all, but pre-Jake I loved doing it.

    Enjoy it all, lady

  2. new years i usually a bust for me, so it's christmas that I hate working on. sounds like you have a lovely holiday planned though!


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