Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tanya and Violet; A Reflection on an Old Friendship

So, I’ll start the story this way. Let me paint a picture for you to get you caught up. There’s the tall, skinny blonde-turned-black-turned red haired girl who is very quiet, but pretty funny. She usually just went with the flow. For the sake of anonymity we’ll call her Violet, although her hair was never purple through the changes. She was the counterpart of a more amazing creature, so she thought anyway. Tanya. Tanya was curvaceous and her hair matched her personality, the way it was wild and out there. Tanya was the only one who could control her hair. Tanya was the only one who could be in control of life.

They became such unlikely friends, but when they both decided to invest in the friendship they were everything to each other. Tanya would push Violet, and in return Violet would reign in Tanya. It was only at this time in their lives that they were symbiotic. They could feel each other’s happiness, sadness, guilt, and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. Before and after their summer together it would never be the same. They could never love each other as much as they did that summer.

They used to joke around a lot. When you’re nineteen the world is resistant and they figured they might as well enjoy everything. They would bring their own liquor to Denny’s, they would party on a college campus, they would drive, and drive, and drive. Listening to CDs.

They had each other’s back knowing that life wasn’t going to have their back. They laughed both at and with each other.

They made bags for a flask to fit into.

They made fun of each other for one another’s shortcomings in love.

Perhaps what you need to understand about the two of them is where one lacked in sensitivity the other lacked in boldness. It made their friendship good. They complimented each other. Personality wise. They always told each other how great they were. They were unstoppable.


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  2. This post makes me happy. And sad, 'cuz it kinda sounds like all these good times maybe ended? Is there an ending coming?

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  4. Sounds like a great friendship! What happened?


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