Thursday, March 11, 2010


I started my new job and so far it’s going great. The best part of it is getting done at 3:30 during the week and having weekends off. I had almost forgotten what that was like to have precious weekends and I have been filling them up with all sorts of fantastic things from alpacas to a frozen dead guy.

The first weekend off included a trip up to Boulder. Bobaloo and I toured the Celestial Seasonings factory and learned about tea. They had a peppermint tea room that was incredible. With one draw of breath my sinuses cleared and my eyes became teary. The day was followed by some poking around in Tables and Teacups one of my favorite antique stores. We didn’t find any treasures but we sure built up an appetite. After antiquing, we headed to the Pearl Street Mall for some grub and ended up at this wonderful Mediterranean restaurant where we feasted on tapas, cheese ravioli, and lamb shank for Bobaloo. The day ended with the beautiful ride back to Golden.

The Olympics, grocery shopping, movies, and staying warm in the apartment took up a couple of weekends. But it was great to hang around the apartment and not have to worry about getting out of bed early or showering. I have a general rule of only needing to shower once and throwing a hat on the rest of the weekend. Lazy days can go by so quickly, I blink and am back to work on Monday.

One weekend, Bobaloo worked on Sunday so we packed in all of our fun on Saturday. We started at an alpaca extravaganza at the Boulder fairgrounds. Can you believe it? It was an entire extravaganza just for alpacas. We made our way in from the muddy parking lot and checked out the unassuming and dreamy animals. Now, I would like an alpaca farm. After we had enough of the alpacas we headed to a restaurant called The Gondolier. Garlic knots, mushrooms, a caprese sandwich, pasta, and dessert filled us up and we were ready to return home. We topped off the evening on the couch with a movie.

Last weekend took the cake! We went to our first Frozen Dead Guy Days up in Nederland, CO. It is a whole festival dedicated to a dead guy that is frozen in a Tuff Shed until he can come back to life. Crazy Norwegians! We checked out the hearse parade and the polar plunge. Brrr.. There was food and drink galore and a lot of people. The sun was shining and people were having fun which made me eager for summer.

How much fun can I pack in to two days? Apparently quite a bit. I am looking forward to this weekend to see what’s in store.


  1. Frozen Dead Guy Days sounds like the coolest festival ever!

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