Monday, April 19, 2010

The Blog Clog

So, here’s the deal. When I started this blog I planned to write two posts a week which isn’t a lofty goal, but I seem to be falling short; way short. Lately I sit at the computer and just cannot come up with anything at all. At this moment I am reevaluating my blog and trying to figure out where I want it to go and how to be a more consistent blogger. Do you have any rules for your blog? How many days a week you write and post? How do you keep your blog fresh?

Any advice from one blogger to another?


  1. Hemingway said that there are no rules when it comes to writing; it can come easily or can be like drilling rock. I say, follow his advice:

    "All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know."

  2. I write when I want to write.. or when I have something to say. Sometimes it's multiple times in a week, or sometimes there's a big gap. I'm definitely not consistent that's for sure haha.

    I love when do you write jill. Don't give up :)

  3. one thing that's been spreading around the blog-o-sphere is publishing a "life list" or "bucket list" and then blogging about each new thing you cross off the list.
    i'd love to read about all the things you think would be worthwhile!

  4. I try to have rules, but they get lost.

    I like to write when I have something to say, but that has gotten morphed into writing when I have time. I like the prior better. This time thing sucks, because when I have time my brain is usually very tired.

  5. All of the above. I go through spurts (very few!) when I blog more often than not. At other times it's like pulling teeth to get any sort of post together. I wish I wrote more. I wish I had the time and energy to be more consistent.

  6. Ken Levine mentioned that writing blog posts were like a stretching exercise for him. Of course, he's a professional writer.

    Anyway, a half-hour or hour of typing stuff for fun is exercise I could get into.

    I've seldom had problems with writer's block -- more often I have problems with blog bottleneck: There are 10 posts I could write and I have trouble settling on any one.

    I try and post Monday through Friday. Reality intervenes, on occasion, and I'll miss a day or two -- but that's about it.

    I do not post as frequently on the blogs I write in my own name. (Believe it or not, "Curmudgeon" is not my actual name.) I am always afraid of giving unintended offense or embarrassment to a friend or family member or hurting my business by expressing an actual opinion. But I'm trying to find ways to post more frequently there, too... and still have time to get my work done.


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