Thursday, January 20, 2011

Technology and the Sibling Relationship

I started school on Tuesday. My younger brother Kyle is a freshman up at Bemidji State in Minnesota. I am generally not someone who texts a whole lot but texting is his primary mode of communication.

Sometimes with our age difference it is a little difficult to find things in common to chat about. My brother is awesome at letting me know what is hip in music these days and has gotten me to enjoy Atmosphere and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros quite a bit. I still don’t know much about that Kid Cudi fellow, but I am working on it.

Kyle is very interested in economics so I was pretty excited to share my vast knowledge that I had gained in one class with him. This is how it went:

Jill: Had my 1st economics class last night. Are you proud? Dad said if i need help to call you first, him second.

Kyle: Awesome! Is it micro or macro? Yeah i can totally help you out anytime.

Jill: Macro. But the amount of fun i am having is micro. Ha.

Kyle: Haha macro is my favorite im actually taking it right now

Jill: Yeah, i had to make a decision at the margin and after weighing my opportunity costs, i chose macro.

Kyle: Haha nicely put

Jill: I am trying to use the vocab in real life so i can remember it. Bobaloo is not going to enjoy this.

Kyle: Haha so he’s a negative externality?

Jill: I haven’t gotten to that word yet. I’ll let you know!

Kyle: Haha sounds good

*Also, when he responded to my first text I was in bed sleeping (I feel old and lame) so the rest of the conversation happened this afternoon.

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