Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 Days

Summer has kicked off gloriously thus far (aside from all the fiery fire nastiness going on).  The goal for this summer was to get on out and do life stuff.  I have been trying to get out every day to enjoy a walk and get some of that good old D3.  It seems to help, plus there’s an area near us where the folks have horses.  So awesome.

Greek Fest in Denver was fun.  Delicious food was had and the cathedral dome is a stunning shade of blue.  This was the second year we went and it doesn’t disappoint.
For the first time, Bobaloo and I headed to Pride Fest We missed the parade but had fun hanging out.  There were a ton of people which was cool.
Last Friday we were up to Red Rocks to see Wilco.  It was a good show.  I am looking forward to Cake and Neil Young later in the season.
It's been in the hundreds around here lately so last Saturday we briefly di some gold-panning to cool off.  No nuggets found, I'm left getting rich the old-fashioned way.
Jennifer at Chronicles of Consciousness has gotten me interested in the 10 Day You Challenge.  Her blog is one of my absolute favorites.  Go ahead, check out the link to her blog above.

*I just moved the 10 Day Challenge a tab at the top.

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