Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grandma J.

I went back to my parents for a few days for Grandma  J.’s funeral. 
Isn’t it weird to see people you haven’t been around for years?
My brothers and I are the younglings of the extended family and folks always seem surprised that we all grew up.  It is a weird feeling.
Grandma J. was ready to go so saying goodbye wasn’t hard.  I loved her and she loved me.  She gave me a lot during her life.  She’s someone who never really caught a break, but kept her wits about her for ninety years.
She was tenacious and resilient.  I hope that passed to me.
My two brothers and I have not all been together in four years.  I have two nephews that live far away.  The little one had no idea who I was.
Isn’t it weird to see people you haven’t been around for years?
All in all, things were nice.
That’s weird to say.
I played with the kiddos, sat by a bonfire, drank beer, played Trivial Pursuit and pull tabs, laid in the lawn, brunched, sat on a dock,  laughed with my brother, visited with family, saw dear friends, met new babies, hugged, and got hugged.
Not a bad way to spend a few days saying goodbye.
I think that’s how she’d have wanted it.

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  1. sometimes you can put the fun in FUNeral. Sometimes funerals aren't sad.

    I'm glad you guys had a great time. That's how I want my funeral to be some day. A big party that brings people I love together.


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