Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love dogs and have been not so nonchalantly been pestering Bobaloo about how I need one.  I have bothered him rather mercilessly.  For years.  Finally, over the summer we had a breakthrough and agreed we would start looking for a dog this fall.

On Saturday, Bobaloo and I stopped into the adoption center at Dumb Friends League.  We asked to meet Nik in kennel 3B.  When she was brought into the room she came right up to me with little hesitation and also sat on Bobaloo’s foot (which I thought was hilarious).    We both knew I was not leaving the building without her.  She was the pup for me.

Unfortunately, she has been neglected and not given enough to eat in her life before us.  She is getting more comfortable at home and is very sweet and very mellow.  I don’t think Nik knows how to play but she seems to enjoy our walks.  Every day she gets more confident and seems to be acting more and more like a dog. 


  1. she looks like my 10 year old dog Piper. Though she passed away last year...:( How sad!

    Take care well of her.

  2. I hope things are continuing to get better each day and I think you guys are awesome for opening up your home!


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