Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Yikes.  I have got a lot of junk on the brain today.  I am not quite ready to over-share about it, but things are okay.

I have started some long overdue projects over the weekend, one of which is uploading my photos from the computer into a cloud in case the computer decides to crap out.  No easy feat, we have accumulated around 4,000 pics since 2008.

So now I present some of the funny/weird/whatever I found.

I took this first photo by holding the camera out of the window while Bobaloo was driving.  I sent a copy to my Aunt and wrote on the back, "Just a bunch of Colorado asses sayin' Hi!"

This next one is my brother and I at my wedding reception (it was Halloween-themed).  I went as Marilyn Monroe and he went as Dwight from The Office.  Has someone had a few cocktails?

When Bobaloo and I first moved out here, we spent a day hanging out and exploring the city of Denver.  We went to the capitol building trying to find the step that is exactly one mile above sea level.  We thought there would be a huge sign or something to take our picture next to.  Here's reality:

My family went to Carlsbad, California to see my older brother for Christmas one year.  They had a fire hydrant walking tour.  All of the hydrants were sponsored by a local business and painted by a local artist.  I do not have one picture of me next to the ocean on this trip, but 25 of me posing with fire hydrants.  Dork.
What does everyone got going on for the fourth?


  1. I wanna get outta town to a place where the pros set off the fireworks from a great distance.

  2. We paint everything in San Diego, I swear. Electrical boxes, fire hydrants...I love it!

    Have a great 4th!!


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