Monday, March 3, 2014


A fun weekend was had.

Two of Bobaloo's brothers came into town.  We had some beers and listened to records.

We also visited Golden City Brewery.  Visiting a new brewery was on my to-do list for this winter.  I enjoyed an IPA.

I'm hoping March is quieter than February. 

Frozen Dead Guy Days is going on this weekend.  It's one of my favorite winter happenings around these parts.  Next year I am putting together a team for the coffin race.  Any takers?

I've been spending a lot of time on the website Brain Pickings.  All sorts of interesting things on there.

I am reading Snapper for book club.

A couple of weeks ago Bobaloo and I had Terrific Lady Day.  We had brunch at Perkins and then visited the History Colorado Center.  Here's a picture of him milking a cow.

It's time to take down the VD decorations.

What's new with you?


  1. My sister lives in Brighton. Rain here and rained over the weekend. Can't complain. We need it.

    1. Brighton is about 40 minutes from where I am. I am glad you got some rain, especially with how dry it was last summer.

  2. You should keep the VD stuff up...pretty. I'm working all week. Like you,

    1. Yup, working all week. The downside of March is not having any free days off (holidays). I like the VD stuff but I'm starting to feel a bit shamrock-y.


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