Thursday, May 7, 2015

Holy Guacamole!

For Cinco de Mayo I went to a Greek bar with my friend Rachael.  Last year we met up at an Irish Pub.  It's our tradition.  I'll have to think about where we'll go next year.

So while we didn't get into the spirit of Cinco De Mayo, everyone else around me seemed to.  So much so, that by yesterday afternoon I had a serious hankering for a taco and guac.  I was thinking about stopping at Chipotle on the way home but then remembered that I am trying to save moola.  I also remembered that in my freezer I had...

Fishless fish! 

All thanks to my coupon-clipping last week.  So I picked up some wine and tortillas and skedaddled home to attempt cooking fishless fish tacos with guacamole.  And do you know what?

They didn't turn out half bad!  Bobaloo even said that he enjoyed them.  So, I consider my twice-a-year-cooking-adventure a success.

¡Buen Trabajo Jillito!

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