Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am happy with the decision move to San Diego thus far. The climate and the few things I have checked out are phenomenal. I have met a few characters out here who are warm and friendly.

It's been a little rough at the new job. I am weighing my situation and options. Yesterday, panic attacks ensued, things went very sour very quickly.

I received a few pep talks yesterday. After a rough Monday, I went to get a beer and met this gentleman from India who advised that as long as I had a clear concience I am doing the right thing.

My concience is a little cloudy. I feel a little uncomfortable doing what I do. My dad said to keep a stiff upper lip and see the writing on the wall.

At this point, I am doing my best to hang in there and am trying not take shit from anyone. Which is totally not my personality. I take things personally.

Maybe I should go work at Seaworld. Shamu is awesome.


  1. You're right. Hang in there, and stop taking shit.
    Easier said than done, but leave that in Denver.
    Fresh starts are awesome.

  2. I first read Lora's comment as "stop talking shit" and man! back off! but, oh nevermind... Maybe it would help to think about the future, like in a few months or so will you be glad you stuck it out as long as you could or be happy that you bee-lined for the dolphin tank?
    Either way you are in the sunshine!

  3. Don't settle for ANYTHING. Follow your instincts and you'll feel much better. I'm glad you are enjoying San Diego and hang in there.


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