Thursday, April 30, 2009

Greetings from Las Vegas...

Las Vegas, New Mexico that is. Yeah, it's about as exciting as it sounds. I am pretty sure if I was in the other one in Nevada I would not be blogging. I have not been to the one in Nevada yet, but I am pretty sure it's a little more happening. Bobaloo and I packed all of our stuff up yesterday and put all of our necessities in the U-Haul and everything else in storage. We were able to get on the road and make it to Phoenix last night. To get out of the state of California we had to go through some mountains which was terrifying because the brakes in my car are not up to snuff. There was a nasty accident too that freaked me out. It's extremely strange to be driving in California and Arizona. There are border patrol agents everywhere. When I was driving to California a couple of months ago I had to stop four or five times at checkpoints. Last night we only had to stop once. Border Patrol agents assholes. And while I am a fan of dogs, I don't appreciate their scary dogs sniffing my car. We made it to Phoenix and stayed in a hotel. Today we finished driving through Arizona and were making our way through New Mexico when we decided to stop for the night. So, we are enjoying the luxuries of cable television and continental breakfast. I love cable and I love breakfast. A lot. By this time tomorrow, I will be in my own bed at home. I am pretty excited about that. This trip has certainly been interesting. You wouldn't believe all of the things you can buy from the side of the road in Arizona and New Mexico. That's another post entirely. Well, that's all. Good night.


  1. My family lived in LV, Nev for a few years and whenever I'd tell people I'd be visiting Vegas they'd always ask "new mexico?" - huh? until then I didn't even know there was a Las Vegas, New Mexico...
    anyway- we are supposed to be flying to alabama thursday but only if the whole flu thing doesn't go pandemic...yikes!
    Get some good road trip souvenirs!!

  2. Hey - thanks for coming by my blog! Sorry it took me so long to come over here, but I've been traveling - looks like you have too!

    I also love breakfast, and free breakfast is even better!

  3. There is a Las Vegas New Mexico? Who knew! i didn't find Vegas to be overly excited - but I was only there for like 14 hours and spent most of those sleeping.

    Ok, I totally want to know about all the weird things you get on the side of the road! :)


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