Friday, April 24, 2009

Just Ducky

So if you are bored this weekend and have stumbled upon Jillie Side Up, you have found me at a funky fork in my life. Do you know what I enjoy about being a grownup? That we all are in various stages of having our ducks in a row.

There is the type of grownup who from an early age had life pretty well figured out. They dreamed their dream and went and got it. Those people’s ducks are fully aligned. I have a couple of best friends who are this type of grownup and I am always amazed at their tenacity and discipline.

There is the type of grownup whose ducks are all there, kind of in formation, and for the most part swimming with some direction. They made it from point A to point B, but not by the means of a straight line but rather a curvy path. I have friends who are of this variety too. What I admire about them is their ability to get to point B while having some fun and doing cool shit on the way.

Then, there is the grownup like me. I have ducks. And they’re really awesome ducks, but kind of rebellious and can never seem to get in a row. I am eleven days late in making my birthday resolution for this year, so here it goes. This year is the year I reign in my ducks and tell them what’s what and where we are going. If all goes well, next April 13th, we will be having a duck-themed birthday party and will be celebrating how pretty my little row of ducks is.

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  1. My ducks are similar to yours...I always thought I would be the first set of ducks you explained...then I met a boy...they mess your ducks up. Now my ducks are the cool ducks that have great intentions and know where they want to go, but there is that one damned duck that wants to fly in a different direction, the crazy duck that thinks he knows where he is going, but doesnt and is trying to convince all the other ducks that he does...that is my duckpond. yet fun...hehe! Good luck with the move!


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