Monday, March 18, 2013


Friday night Bobaloo and I went to a birthday party for his buddy.  I sort of learned the fundamentals of beer pong because believe it or not, I have never played.  Flip Cup on the other hand?  Bring it.  The party was fun but we didn’t stay very long because we wanted to avoid the fuzz during St. Patrick’s Day weekend.
I had big plans for Saturday, big productive plans.  Shortly after I awoke though, I found out that season 8 of Weeds was on Netflix.  Bobaloo made some delicious breakfast and we proceeded to watch all thirteen episodes only stopping for Chinese food at lunch time.  When the finale was over we decided it was time to leave the house.  By the way?  Finales always suck and then my life feels like a waste because I could have invested all the season-watching hours into something else, like, reading Anna Karenina or learning French.  Anyways, we walked down to the bar around seven and hung out for a little bit.  At one point in the evening some chick tried to steal my wallet right out of my purse that was hanging on my chair.  The whole situation was weird but I have all of my stuff. 
Yesterday was another chill afternoon.  I had a Chipotle lunch and watched Little Miss Sunshine, which is a favorite of mine.  I am really into and needed to buy some postcards to send out.  I buy my postcards up on Lookout Mountain because they have the best selection and sell cards 5 for $1.50.  Lookout Mountain is a nearby tourist trap where Buffalo Bill is allegedly buried.*  So, we packed the dog and headed to get some postcards.  After, I had a quiet night to end a quiet weekend.  It was very nice.  I am normally really into St. Patty’s but this year, I passed.

*Lookout Mountain is cool and has great views of the Continental Divide; the actual grave (above) is whelming at best.  True story.  I took my parents up here a few years ago and there were two kids looking at the coins people had thrown on the grave for good luck.  Their heads were between the bars where the arrow is pointing, the kids were probably 8 and 10.  After a  couple of minutes checking out the coins, the little girl could not get her head out of the fence and started freaking out.  Before running to her rescue, her mom yells to dad, "Honey, quick!  Get the camera!"  After pictures were taken, they lifted her out and all was good.  I have never laughed so hard in my entire life.

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