Monday, March 25, 2013

Friday was uneventful.  Bobaloo and I met up with a friend for a bit at happy hour.  Another snowstorm came in so we stuck close to home.
We probably got about 10 inches of snow so we decided to stay home and kick it at the pad.  Bobaloo made delicious food and I watched movies all day.  Plus, I stayed awake past the SNL monologue which is quite a feat for me!
Mmm... cheese.


Bobaloo and I went on the hunt for some vinyl at a couple of thrift stores, pretty slim pickings.  I think when people start spring cleaning there will be a better selection.  We did pick up an Earth Wind & Fire and a Bill Cosby Album for a total of $1.05.  Later, we headed to a bar that has a wonderful patio with fire pits for a couple of beers.  Next week they are hosting the annual deviled egg competition.
I am ready for the weather to get warmer, the cold and snow is messing with my disposition.


  1. God you're young and hip. Is "hip" still a word? My kid goes around saying, "That's sick," or "That's the beast, or da boss." I'm not sure if he knows what the hell he's talking about since he's kind of a dweeb. Ha.

    1. Ha! I wouldn't exactly call me hip, I just leave out the parts about me napping with my afghan and liking my dinner at 4 so I can get to bed by 8:30. Lame-o.


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