Friday, September 6, 2013

September 06

A story about a time you were very afraid.

I am a scaredy-cat; definitely not someone you would want to be in a haunted house with.  Since I am working hard on not dwelling on my anxious thoughts, I think I'll take a different spin on today's topic and tell you what I am not afraid of.

Although I am a bit scared of a lot of things, I am not superstitious.  In one week it's Friday the Thirteenth.  I love Friday the Thirteenth!

There is a neat article on Mental Floss about the Thirteen Club.  The gist is that in 1882 thirteen guys got together to prove thirteen wasn't unlucky.  Dinners were held where the gents did things like walk under ladders, open umbrellas indoors, break glass, etc.  All the unlucky stuff.

I want to throw a Thirteen Club party one of these days but worry people wouldn't show.  A lot of folks still hang onto these superstitions, don't they?

Are you superstitious?  Would you brave a Thirteen Club dinner or is that just tempting fate?

Bring on the black cats and have a great weekend!


  1. I think a Thirteen Club dinner would be fun! I am not superstitious but I like to pretend sometimes :-)

  2. I'm not superstitious, either. I don't like ladders, though.

  3. I'm not superstitious either - my mom and grandma were.


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