Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13

Bobaloo and I are doing just fine and keeping dry.  We have been getting so, so much rain which is very strange for September.  The flooding is around us but we are in a pocket of the metro that doesn't have any creeks or rivers and the roads are fine.  The rain isn't supposed to let up until Monday so I hope everyone can hunker down and stay safe.

On Labor Day we went to the duck races at one of the bars we like to hang out at.  Here is the creek then...

My friend (Hi Eric!) took this photo yesterday...


Today's topic is A self portrait.  I found this 1989 gem in a scrapbook.  I would probably draw myself the same way today, without such a liberal use of tongue.  And I might add some hands and feet.

I also found a lovely Mother's Day card I made.
PS - I was crying on camera because she wouldn't let me watch The Cosby Show
What a kid.
Happy Friday the 13th and Happy Weekend! 


  1. I was always told that eyes and a mouth were the important things on a kiddy pic. You've definitely got all that covered. :)

  2. You guys still all right?

  3. Hope you guys are still ok in the flooding! It's even on the news here in Australia.


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