Friday, December 13, 2013

December 13

Today's blog-a-thon prompt is to share a first.

I got my first job (besides babysitting) when I was 17 at the mall.  The store I got hired on at was Northern Reflections which I thought had totally disappeared by now but I guess it still exists up in Canada.  I made $8.00 an hour and told women that their sweaters were sleek and the boot-cut jeans really elongated their legs.

It is here where I note that my fashion sense (or lack of) has always been a lot more function than fashion and I have never been too particular about things matching.  I had no business telling other women what looked good on them.

This is what the store looked like:

When I wasn't doling out compliments and flattery, I was following the customers around right before closing time and refolding all of the sweaters.

I only worked there for six months before I moved on to becoming the smoothie girl at Mervyn's California, another mall staple that eventually met its demise.

What was your first job?


  1. I worked in the employee cafeteria as a counter girl at Six Flags - Ohio.

    What kind of jeans do you wear now?

  2. Ooh. That must have been an interesting job to have as a teenager. A lot of summer romances amongst the staff?

    I wear whatever I find a the thriftstore. I normally like boot-cut or flared but all of the jeans are skinny ones these days. Ugh.

    1. No. My romance was lifeguard year.


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