Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 5

'Tis the season for lists, isn't it?  For this one, I'm going to keep it in the family.

1. I wear my Grandma J's wristwatch everyday for good luck.

2. My mom loved to sign me up for things when I was a kid.  I've taken dance lessons, figure skating lessons, trumpet lessons, quilting classes, soccer, etc.  I did not/do not have the coordination, patience, or social skills for any of these things.

3. Bobaloo is the only person (until now) who knows that deep down I hate sharing food.  This was expressed in a single sentence uttered by me at the bar, "I'm going to order nachos but you have to order something else because I'm not going to share."

4. I know that when it is eight at night here it is six in the morning in Iraq.  I used to work the late shift and passed a mountain that had a light up "M" on it at night.  My older brother was deployed and I would look at the "M" and think about how I was finishing my day and he was beginning the next.  (The "M" stood for Mines, I pretended it stood for Marines.)

5. One of my favorite winter memories is my Pops and Uncle Doug taking me to the ski jumping tournament in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  The noise the skiers make when they jump is incredible.

6.  I learned the F-word when I was three on Easter.  I shouted it to my Grandma Cille and she started giggling so I kept yelling it around the house to all my relatives. 

7.  My family used to go to my Aunt Doreen's house on Christmas to go ice fishing.  I loved it and still think that it's my favorite cold weather activity.

8.  I used to watch my younger brother Kyle after school and every afternoon we'd eat a snack and watch Spongebob Squarepants.

9. My cousin Kira used to watch my brother and I in the summer when we were little.  When the neighbor girls and I would stage our basement production of Annie, she would always enthusiastically play Ms. Hannigan.

10. Bobaloo and I found our dog Nik at a shelter.  When we first met her she sat her ass right on Bobaloo's foot.  I giggled, knew she was the one and that we weren't leaving without her.

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  1. Love your list. ! Especially # 6.

  2. I love family stories, thanks for sharing!

  3. I like #3 because I am the exact same way.

  4. How fun to do family-related facts, and how wonderful to have a lucky watch.

  5. I love your picture and the thing on sharing. XD

  6. #6 is my favorite, obviously :) I am also very weird about sharing food! I refused to share a bag of doritos with a friend once. That is when we realized I was losing my mind.


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