Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3

what is the first thing you think of? APPLES
closest red thing to you? A STRIPE ON MY SCARF
last thing that made you angry? LACK OF SLEEP
are you a fan of romance? NOPE (although bobaloo bought me some bling over the weekend.)
do you have a temper? NOPE

what is the first thing you think of? GREEN APPLES! (i must have apples on the brain. (how do you like them apples?)) 
closest green thing to you? POST-IT NOTES
what is your favorite green environment? MY PARENT'S BACKYARD
are you jealous of anyone right now? NO
are you a lucky person? THE LUCKIEST

what is the first thing you think of? GRAPES (i think i am hungry for breakfast, hence all of the fruit)
closest purple thing to you? MY JACKET
do you like being treated like royalty? NO
do you like mysterious things? NOT REALLY
are you intuitive? MY GUT SAYS YES

what is the first thing you think of? THE CATHEDRAL DOME IN DENVER
closest blue thing to you? INK PEN
are you good at calming people down? YES
what's your favorite body of water? THE CHIPPEWA FLOWAGE IN WISCONSIN
what was the last thing that made you cry? A NASTY DEPRESSION DAY (stupid brain)
are you a logical thinker? NO, NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT

what is the first thing you think of? THE SUNSHINE
closest yellow thing to you? MY SWEATER
what was one of the happiest times of your life? 2005
what's your favorite holiday? HALLOWEEN

what is the first thing you think of? FLOWERS
closest pink thing to you? MY WATER BOTTLE
what sweet things do you like? SKITTLES & LICORICE
are you sensitive? VERY
what is your favorite flower? I LIKE PLANTS
do you have a crush on someone? BOBALOO

what is the first thing you think of? ORANGES
closest orange thing to you? A CALENDAR
do you dress up for halloween? YUP
what gives you warm fuzzies? HANGING WITH MY PUP
what would your superpower be? DRINKING MILK WITH MY FINGER LIKE MORK

what is the first thing you think of? COFFEE
closest brown thing to you? MY DESK
what is your favorite type of chocolate? NOT A BIG FAN (twix, maybe?)
what makes you feel grounded? TAKING WALKS
paint the wood or always leave it au naturel? NO PREFERENCE 

what is the first thing you think of? SNOW
closest white thing to you? PAPER
do you always try to keep the peace? MOSTLY, EXCEPT FOR BOARD GAMES
do you like to play in the snow? YES
are you afraid of going to the doctor or dentist? SOMETIMES  

what is the first thing you think of? CATS
closest black thing to you? CELL PHONE
are you sophisticated or silly? SILLY, ALL THE WAY
do you have a lot of secrets? NOPE
what's the new black? WEARING WHAT'S COMFORTABLE

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  1. LOL..no keeping the peace while playing board games!!! Cracked me up! And thinking about your super power of being able to drink milk through your finger like Mork. You silly? Nah!!! hee!

    1. It's all fun and games until the Trivial Pursuit comes out...

  2. This is a.very entertaining blog hop.

    1. I am enjoying it and it's nice they don't give the prompt until the day of so you can't write ahead. Something to look forward to in the morning!

      You should start a blog hop, I bet it would be very clever.

  3. Replies
    1. I wouldn't mind having a pair of his rainbow suspenders too. ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I just checked out your blog and am very excited to read your posts for this blog-a-thon. Have a great day.


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