Friday, May 10, 2013

May 10

We're on day 10 of this here Blog Every Day in May challenge. Ambitious I know, but there are topics posted for every day. Go check it out. Today's topic is most embarrassing moment(s).  Spill.  So here goes.
I am not a crier at the movies.  It’s not real and I pride myself on my hardy stoicism.  One Christmas my mom took to me to see the movie Prancer and as I remember it was an incredibly depressing and emotional movie.  When it was over my mom looked at me with her puffy eyes and tear-streaked face in surprise because I was detached and unmoved.  Awkward.
An embarrassing fact:
There is an episode of The Simpsons that weaseled its way into my icy disposition and gets me all weepy every time it’s on.  Not Bambi, not ET, not Fluke, not My Girl, not even Old Yeller can bring tears to these peepers like Homer Simpson can.
The episode is called “And Maggie Makes Three.”  
Basically, after Bart and Lisa were born Homer was able to quit his hated job at the nuclear plant and nab his dream job of working at the bowling alley.  He was happy as a clam at the bowling alley and life at home was good.  Then, Marge finds out she’s pregnant again and Homer has to beg for his plant job back because he needs more money for the expanding family.  Here’s where the waterworks start:
Mr. Burns puts this sign up in Homer’s workspace to remind him that he cannot quit again.
Maggie is born and Homer falls in love.  It turns out there weren’t a lot of baby pictures of Maggie in the family photo album because Homer used them for this:
Pass the Kleenex.


  1. Awww....that would make me cry too! But then again, I AM a crier! lol

  2. i'm partial to the end of this married with children episode:

    1. I think I know exactly who you are anon!

  3. I think I'm the opposite of you. I hardly ever cry in real life, but I'm a mess at the movies.

  4. Ha ha, all sorts sets me off too. I don't remember that episode. Have a great weekend x


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