Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8

Eight is great!  Still plugging away at this Blog Every Day in May challenge. Ambitious I know, but there are topics posted for every day. Go check it out. Today's topic is a piece of advice you have for others.  Anything at all.  So here goes.
Be good and have fun (in that order).
-Bobaloo's Mom


  1. Love it. Simple and perfect. :)

  2. Good advice, Mom of Bobaloo.

  3. Straight to the point. I like it! I mean, what more really needs to be said about this one??

  4. I love it! Sometimes I forget the be good part, but I always seem to remember to have fun ;)

  5. Short and sweet are the best posts! I'm off to be good and have fun now :)


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