Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17

Thank goodness today's topic is easy because it's Friday and my brain hurts.  Today's topic is a favorite photo of yourself and why.  Let's do this.
Sometimes when first meeting people I come across a little quiet and reserved.  Little do they know this is the real me.  My buddy named this alter ego of mine Lightning Oops.  I like it.
Happy Friday to you all and a Happy Syttende Mai to all you crazy Norwegians...


  1. I'm glad today was easy too. Love this pic of you! Have a fab weekend :)

  2. Just like Row, you are super photogenic. Great smiles! I dressed up like a tampon once for Halloween. That was my best day.

    1. A tampon for Halloween? That is truly the bravest thing I have ever heard of. For real.

  3. Now that right there was a smile-inducing, unexpected photo!!


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