Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3

I'm keepin' on keepin' on with the above challenge to Blog Every Day in May. Ambitious I know, but there are topics posted for every day. Go check it out. Today's topic is Things that make you uncomfortable so here goes.

I could write an entire book about things that make me uncomfortable.

Having anxiety certainly presents its fair share of things that make me uncomfortable.  Most uncomfortable moments deal with issues of space or not being in control of my surroundings. 
Sometimes those issues creep up, sometimes they don’t.
Some instances of being uncomfortable in no spectacular order:
* Recently I walked over a bridge (sort of ran because it was rather high up) and could not and would not get back over to the other side.  Bobaloo walked back to the hotel to get my Pops to come pick me up in a car.  I knew in my heart of hearts the bridge was not going to suddenly break and I knew I wasn't going to accidentally fall off, but nonetheless I seriously cried over this:
This is the pedestrian bridge, for real yo.

* Every once in a while riding on the highway in the passenger seat of a car can be a horrible experience.  I am not sure if it’s the speed or the other drivers or the fact that I am not driving but some days it’s just too much to handle.
*  Every 8-12 months I get on an airplane, freak out, and vow to never get on another plane again, forget about aforementioned vow 8-12 months later, lather, rinse, and repeat.
*  Eating in front of strangers is bizarre and uncomfortable, weddings are a nightmare.
*  The self checkout at the grocery store is an endless source of anxiety for me which is weird because I usually prefer to interact with machines rather than people.  I think it's because the fruit and vegetables get priced wrong with the scanner and the scary Overlord of Groceries has to come over and boss me around.
*  Experiencing new things by myself isn’t my strong suit.  It’s not the new experience so much as the not getting lost on the way there, finding where to park, what if I wrote down the wrong day or time, expectation management, I don't know what's happening, what if I start panicking, am I breathing normal, etc.
Long story short, I make me incredibly uncomfortable.


  1. I get nervous at the self checkout too. I always think that the Overlord is going to assume I'm doing something wrong, aka BAD, so I get nervous ~ which makes me look suspicious enough to have the Overlord watching me ever closer....It's a never ending cycle! And when my kids are with me?! Even worse!! :)

    1. I am glad I am not alone in this! The King Soopers by my work got remodeled and is primarily all self checkout now. I overheard someone say they are going to make all the stores that way and I decided then and there that I will eat Chipotle every day of my life so I don't have to shop!

  2. Oh man, this list is so me, its awful.

    Being in the passenger seat, is sometimes the worst place to be. Not always. Just sometimes. You're right, I can't put my finger on exactly why. Speed, distractions, control. I don't know, but I have small panic attacks sometimes.

    I hate eating in front of strangers. My husband watched me eat for the first three months before we dated... true story. now he's been taught better...

    New things alone: NO THANKS. take a friend, take husband, take a stranger. I hate stupid things like calling to make an appointment by myself.

    1. I thought I was the only one who felt weird about the eating thing! It was about 5-6 months before I had my first meal with Bobaloo, fast forward to now and he's about the only person who sees me cram my face with massive amounts of food. Too weird.

  3. I'm ok with self checkouts but know what you mean about doing new stuff alone. I always worry ill get lost, or toto the wrong place, be late...that makes me uncomfortable!

    1. I hate being late, I like to be a few minutes early to get my bearings.

    2. If its something important, I'll do a dry run a few days before so I know where I'm going! Is that weird?

  4. I get really uncomfortable sometimes in the passenger seat too! I think it's just a control thing. And the bridge bit sounds scary. I hate when the rational side of you says one thing but the other is like "NOPE! No dice here buddy."

  5. Crowded elevators freak me out. I don't like touching strangers. I know this isn't on your list, but it's personal space related.


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