Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Brain Stuff

I started seeing a therapist again.  He’s actually the first one who officially diagnosed me.  Ah, memories…

Things in the brain are going well.  I’ve had a couple of freak-outs in June and July but I think it’s because everything just got so busy and I’m a gal who needs some downtime and routine.  Going back to the doctor is more of a preventative thing than anything else.  The goal is to keep learning more coping mechanisms and getting in the habit of breaking them out in real life.  Isn’t it a strange thing having to “cope” with life?
But, I gotta keep that snowball from rolling downhill, don’t ya know?


  1. I saw a therapist when I first moved here. I was paralyzed with how different it was in Small Town compared to where I came from. More than anything, the guy made me laugh. I really needed that. It was worth the money.

  2. Good, good, good :) Always take care of yourself no matter what!


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