Friday, August 9, 2013

Who Knew?

So, Bobaloo has told me about this thing he did when he was a kid and apparently it's a normal adolescent thing.
Do you remember being at a school assembly or a program put on by a different grade and wanting to be the last person who clapped?
I have never heard of this.
Oh my gosh, I just googled.  It's a thing.
According to Urban Dictionary:
Last-clap contest

When you're at a performance or assembly and the applaud is just ending, this is the contest when two people both try to get the last clap. Usually lasts about 20 seconds before both people give up.
Cathy: I loved how during the assembly today, there was a last-clap contest between Jeff and Matt.
There's even a Facebook page!
Who knew?  Have you ever heard of this?!


  1. I thought you were going to talk about the fainting thing.

    1. Do I dare ask what the fainting thing is?

    2. You hyperventilate, blow on your thumb, and pass out momentarily. It's not good for the brain cells.

    3. What?!? Like, for fun? Geez, kids are wacky these days...

  2. yesssssss. I so remember this!
    How can you not?!

    Same with woooo-ing. Its why there always seems to be an awkward echo.
    I am so glad that you finally know and understand this concept.
    There is no harm at starting now...

    1. Ha! Ha! How crazy. I will definitely keep it in mind for future use...

  3. last clap in church can be hazardous. you quickly learn the reach and accuracy of a sid or rose slap to the back of the head. from way down the pew. wait a second. are you calling me adolescent? or normal?? surely only one of those is the case...

    1. Surely neither of those things are the case...


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