Monday, June 3, 2013

Friday evening was pretty mellow, I just sat on the patio with Nik and finished my book.
Bobaloo and I took the lightrail to Larimer Square in Denver to see the Chalk Art festival.  It was a beautiful day out and the artwork was spectacular.  I wish I would have gone back yesterday to see the finished pieces, but here are some pictures of the works in progress:
I love the Bob Ross on the right.
Later that evening I went over to my buddy Aaron's house for a rousing game of Monopoly that of course, went unfinished.  Has anyone in the history of Monopoly ever finished a whole game?
Sunday started as kind of a lazy day around the house.  My EFT class ended up being cancelled, so I listened to some Dolly and Willie records and took Nik for a long walk. We also had a new flower pop up.  Anyone have any idea what kind it is?
I had been looking forward to yesterday evening for a while because I got to see my first show of the season at Red Rocks.  Bobaloo, Aaron, and I went to go see Alabama Shakes and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
Alabama Shakes
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
We had so much fun in the parking lot and at the show.  Both bands had a lot of energy and we sure did do some dancing.  If you ever get to Colorado, go see a show at Red Rocks.  It's life-changing, I promise.
I hope the weekend was well to all of you!
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  1. Hi Jill! Sounds like another busy weekend for you....I feel so lazy. The chalk street art looks awesome. X

    1. The chalk art was awesome. I don't know how the artists could stand the sun and heat for two days on the pavement.

  2. I'm sorry, but I hate Monopoly. My brother would routinely beat me by loading up Boardwalk and Park Place with hotels. Grrrrrr.

    1. I am with you. I like Monopoloy for about ten minutes and then I am bored, plus I have never developed a strategy. Boardwalk and Park Place suck.


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