Tuesday, June 18, 2013


With the change of the seasons, I became a little bummed out and generally irritated with everything over the weekend.  So, I took it easy and luckily Bobaloo had plans that involved him leaving the house so he didn't have to endure my sniveling and crankiness too much.  I stayed in, watched movies, picked up the house, and just tried to mellow the heck out.  I kept my contact with outside humans to a minimum.  Just like December, June seems to be a difficult and moody month for me.  I think it's the heat and all of the hustle and bustle of summer.  Along with all of the fun comes a lot of people and a lot of stimulation.  Yikes.  Too much.  Just not in the mood for that business.

On a brighter note, almost every day I have been sticking to some small goals:
  • drink a lot of water
  • get out into the sunshine
  • walk and listen to music
  • eat fruits and vegetables
  • get 3 things done around the house each day
Small things, I know.  But small things are helping this cantankerous soul out.

I did end the weekend happily by having some delicious grilled foods with Bobaloo and Aaron in the backyard last night.  I tried making barbecue tofu skewers for the first time and they were a hit (with me, the men ate meat).

So there we have it.

Still moving, just needed to slow down for a minute.


  1. I find being in the sunshine helps a lot, with moodiness anyway! I need to drink more water x

    1. I love sunshine! One of the reasons I decided to move to Denver is because we get 300 sunny days a year.

  2. Hmmm. I feel like that many days of the year...Movies cheer me up, sometimes. And wine. Not sure why, since it's a depressant.

    1. I love movies, especially the ones I have seen a million times. That way I can nap and not feel like I am missing something.


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