Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Midweek Shuffle

I was over at Coffee Lady's blog this morning and her post got me thinking about the days of the week.

I have worked a lot of customer service jobs.  A lot.

My first full-time job was being a cashier in an office lunchroom (lunch lady!).  I got to see my friend Adam everyday because he was a security guard at the front desk.  After a while we noticed all of the workers would have the same responses to the dreaded yet expected question, "how are you?"

Here are the responses:

Monday  "Ugh.  It's Monday." or "Pretty good for a Monday, I guess."

Tuesday  ...

Wednesday  "It's hump day!" or "We're halfway through the week!"

Thursday  "Well, tomorrow's Friday!"

Friday  "It's Friday!  The weekend's almost here!"

Day after day.  Week after week.  Person after person.

The only day nothing was said was Tuesday.  So when we'd see each other on Tuesday mornings we'd look at each other and say "It's Tuesday" and crack up.

Adam, his wife, and I would go to Denny's every Tuesday as a celebration of sorts.

Now I am hungry for a Moons Over My Hammy.


  1. This post reminds me of When Harry met Sally and her days of the week underwear for some reason.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to kick the dust off that thing...

    Someone said to me today at work "It's Wednesday" and it made me physically ill. We are now officially at the point where the only meaningful thing people have to say to me at work is to specify the day of the week. Tomorrow I'm going to greet people with "Breathing Oxygen."

    1. I don't know why this irritates me so much. Maybe it's a "thanks for telling me what day it is, Captain Obvious" thing. But I suck at small talk and can't stand talking about the weather either. It's hot out? In the summer, really? Grr.

  3. Love it - and the moons over my hammy...too cute!

    We're all messed up over here. Husband works 3rd shift with Thursdays and Fridays off. My sons all work different days with different days off. I am the only one, who actually adheres to the 9-5 Mon-Fri routine.

    1. Yikes! That would be confusing to keep everyone straight. I am M-F 9-5 now, I sometimes miss having days off during the week and running errands when there was no one out and about.

  4. I've worked in customer service too for many years. It's nice meeting new customers and then horrid sometimes too, some customers are just horrid! The office I worked in was like Groundhog Day x

  5. Tuesday is nothing...hahaha. That is kind of perfect.

  6. It is funny isn't it! I've never been that upset by the days of the week. At my old workplace I hated being asked "ooh, what did you do for the weekend" it was, nothing? Cleaned my house? I always felt like I wasn't taking advantage (by their standards) of those precious days off.

    1. My old co-worker used to ask me how my weekend was every single Monday just to piss me off.


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