Tuesday, June 11, 2013


In the summer my work slows down and offers a different schedule which means 3-day weekends for me for the next couple of months.  Awesome!
The weekend kicked off with happy hour and boy, did I get happy.  We've met some awesome people at one of the local watering holes, one of whom reads this blog.
He is holding an RTD EcoPass for the bus.  The slogan on it is, "Get it.  Tap it.  Love it." because the marketing department is apparently run by a frat boy.  High five Eric and I am glad your Blackhawks won.
Bobaloo and I kicked it at home on Saturday just hanging out in the yard and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Our neighbor invited me over to feed his chickens again which was awesome.  Bobaloo has been sprucing up the backyard so now we have a cool little hangout area back there.
Sunday was another mellow day, we woke up and went out for breakfast.  We lucked out being heathens and all because there was no wait to be seated.

Later in the afternoon, we walked over to our buddy Aaron's house for a delightful Sunday barbecue that included corn on the cob and watermelon.
I didn't realize that my 3-day schedule started yesterday so I went to work for 45 minutes before heading home.  Bobaloo and I took the train into Denver and went out to lunch at the Tilted Kilt where I enjoyed watching a monster truck show on TV in air conditioning.  The evening was capped off with a few episodes of The League.
A good time was had.


  1. That breakfast looks yummy! is that pancakes? enjoy your 3 day weekends x

    1. Bobaloo had pigs in a blanket and I enjoyed a California Benedict which just means they slap avacado on there instead of canadian bacon!


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