Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Da Plague! Da Plague!

My dad compares giving two weeks notice to having the plague. I agree. The first few days have been somewhat awkward. I planned a “Pie Day” for Friday, hopefully that will ease the rigidity. It is probably one of those scenarios where people hate change in the landscape of every day life. I cannot say I contribute too much to the office except for a little humor and well, pie.

Oh well.

I am very excited about the move now because everything is lining up as well as possible. My mom is going to fly to Denver and road trip with me to San Diego. Woo-hoo! She is referring to the road trip as, “Jill and Mom’s excellent adventure.” Wow. I will be sure to bring the camera for this.


I am proud to announce that this morning is the last time I will ever scrape my windshield. I really hate getting up earlier to do that. People should not have to preheat their cars; it should be a rule or something. Navigating the frozen roads with ice-covered idiots driving frantically is the worst.

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