Thursday, February 5, 2009

Home Fires

Like everyone else, my husband and I are feeling the effects of the economy. We have been trying to save money this winter and the easiest way to do this has been to stop going out. That is easier said than done since we are happy hour regulars. Give us an excuse to go out. Anything. It could be poker night though we do not play cards, karaoke night though we do not sing, or just friends getting together.

About a year ago, we met our friend Sam at a local watering hole. He is a hell of a good friend who moved to Colorado many years ago from South Louisiana. While he is a Coloradan now, he still has a hint of his drawl and plenty of southern charm. He too, was looking for ways to save money.

This is how the every-other-weekend bonfire got started. Sam has a beautiful home and a large backyard. His roommate J. bought him a portable fire pit, which is placed on his patio surrounded by metal chairs. Bonfire parties are a lot cheaper than the bar. All you need is firewood, beer, and tunes.

There are some evenings when it is just Bobaloo, Sam, and I at the fire and nights when there are a dozen people. Anyone is welcome to stop by and stay as long as they would like. Some nights we shut it down at midnight and there are bonfires that see the morning light.

Something happens to people when they sit around the fire. There is comedy, philosophy, and some good old-fashioned bull shitting that occurs. Everyone brings their brand of something to the fire.

Bobaloo is the fire-poker who loves to throw logs on and switch between the teepee and Lincoln log fires. Sam loves to put the music on and does well at matching the evening’s mood. I make snowmen and put them in any empty chairs. They usually turn out scary looking, but that is my contribution. J. brings jokes and James Brown to the bonfire.

Some evenings there are musicians, people from faraway lands, or old friends. At ten degrees, there we are, all bundled up and huddled around the warm fire. It must be a sight to see.

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