Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bobaloo and I are not big celebrators of Valentine's Day.  Today, we are having some cocktails and making some food at home.  But, in honor of the day of love here are seven out of a thousand reasons I love my husband.  If you have a propensity for getting nauseous at the sight of schmaltz, you might want to skip this post!
Bobaloo has the best smile.  It can be empathetic, charming, and goofy depending on which one is needed.
Only he can make me laugh until I cry.  I love his sense of humor and Carl the Curmudgeon.
Because he is adventurous, our life is never boring.  I am so excited for our next adventure.
After we got married I didn't think anything would change.  It turns out I love him more everyday.
Living with him, I have found him to be the best cook ever.  He is very talented with calzones and pasta with white sauce.
Once I told my best friend I'd only get married if I found someone who loved music more than I did.  I met him and married him and his c.d. collection.
Our song is "You Made Me Unlonely"  by John Prine.  The song is beautiful and Bobaloo has made me unlonely.

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