Monday, February 9, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

I accepted the job in San Diego and in two and half weeks will be living there. Everything has been such a whirlwind. The hardest part was giving two weeks notice to a job that I really enjoy most days. It made me sick to my stomach to say farewell. Goodbyes are hard. I prefer them to be quick and painless, not long and drawn out.

It is hard to believe that I have two weeks to say goodbye to everyone and everything that has been so wonderful in Denver. However, it is real. The apartment is already loaded with boxes and planning has commenced.

I am excited to stay with my sister-in-law and nephew and have the opportunity to get to know them better. I am bummed and a little nervous to be away from my husband for a short time. I am jazzed about the new job and meeting new people and sad to leave such good friends behind.

What a mix of emotions.

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