Friday, January 23, 2009

A Boost Of Positivity

Although I have been out of blog-worthy material as of late, I have all sorts of plans for the weekend up my sleeve. Tonight on the menu is Kickin' Joe's formerly Jammin' Joe's to meet up with old and new friends. I have old friends in Colorado, can you believe it? It's amazing how many awesome people I have met here in the last three years. I am going there to see my friend Dave, who is kind of an outlaw hippie dude. He is awesome and it has been too dang long since I have seen him. With me, hopefully I'll be bringing my other Steve Goodman loving friend, Sam.

Tomorrow is Rachael's birthday fun on Market Street where we are going pup crawling. I think I will do my first Adventure of Yet-To-Be-Named Creamer Cow then.

Happy happy hour my kickin' chickens! Please vote for my creamer cow's name on the right. Here is a picture for inspiration:

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