Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ode to Perkins

I am a fan of breakfast, a huge fan at that. If I could, I would eat breakfast for every meal, which I am sure my husband would not appreciate.

We love to go out for breakfast on the weekends. We usually find out-of-the-way gems of diners to check out. Sometimes though, if we are too hungry or hung-over we end up just going to the Perkins that is a few blocks away.

This is always an experience.

Mushroom and Cheese omelet, hash browns, wheat toast and iced tea. After a late night, we ventured out for an enormous breakfast. We were seated next to the most hilarious group of older people. There were probably twelve of them and every other word was “yeah” or “wow.” Seriously, it sounded like a recording because of the dishes clanking with intermittent “yeahs” and “wows” at different intervals. A symphony of yeah-yeah-wow-clank-yeah-clank-wow. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

Two eggs over easy, wheat toast, fruit, and orange juice. We were seated across the room from an older couple. The restaurant was packed and we were just finishing our delicious breakfast. All of a sudden, the old man across the room decides to pick out a new ring tone on his cell phone. Therefore, he goes down the list of every single blaring ring and serenades us. This went on for many minutes and was sidesplitting. Everyone in the room seemed to mind except for the old man, his wife, and Bobaloo (because he was laughing so hard).

Eggs Benedict with pancakes and iced tea. Now, when you eat out for breakfast it is pretty much agreed upon that you order an obnoxiously large plate of food; a feast. We sat behind a couple on their first date. What does the guy order? Cereal and fruit. Cereal? Cereal. That is all I need to know about a man before it is the last date.

The Veggie egg scramble, a muffin, and sprite. I am willing to surmise that Bobaloo offer our brand of comedy to other patrons, especially on nights like these. You know them. We closed down the bar and were starving so we made a very rational decision, Perkins! We stumble in and sit between philosophical college students, stoner high school kids, and other rambunctious bar-closers. The next morning it is always agreed that for once, maybe breakfast was not the greatest idea.

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