Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Happy Hour

Friday is the most spectacular day ever. It is my favorite day of the week. I like that I have to work to earn my happy hour in the evening. Once at happy hour, I like that I have two whole days to do everything or nothing.

When I wake up on Fridays, I am almost euphoric. There is a whole weekend of possibilities ahead. Have you ever noticed that at work everyone has a completely different attitude on Fridays? Maybe it is the casual dress. Maybe it is that everyone is keyed up for what lies ahead.

My dad instilled the love of Fridays in me. When I was little he would wake me up on Friday mornings and exclaim, “Good morning Jillie, it’s our favorite day!” This continued well into high school and I remember this phrase fondly as one of my much-loved memories while growing up.

Our relationship has evolved. He does not call me in the morning to tell me it is our favorite day; however, we started a new tradition. 928 miles separate our doorsteps and with our conflicting schedules, it is difficult to arrange regular phone calls during the week. You can count on very little things these days. I can count on my dad being at his bar for Friday happy hour and he can count on me being at my bar during happy hour. I always know that if I call between the hours of four and seven my dad will pick up the phone and be in great company and great spirits.

The “happy, happy hour” phone calls are what we call them. One of us calls up the other and exclaims, “happy happy hour!” It is a quick phone call, not a lot of catching up is done. Nevertheless, it is nice to know you are being thought about. My dad always says to have a drink for him and he will give me a “Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!” while looking to the West.

Traditions are good. Family is good. Friday is a combination of the two and is great.

Have a Happy Friday everyone and have one for me!

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