Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Make New Friends

Friends are a peculiar thing. I have known most of my friends longer than I have not. When moving to Colorado, I was terrified that my bashfulness would not allow me to make many new friends.

In Minnesota, my friends were the most devoted and dependable companions and we watched each other grow into varying degrees of adulthood. My old friends have telepathy, a sixth sense where they know that I am thinking of them. For example, yesterday I wrote about my best friend growing up and later in the evening she texted me. I have not spoken with her in months. In the morning, I merely thought about a very good friend and she called because she saw a commercial about Colorado.

My best friend is the greatest. We usually email or Facebook back and forth. She sends me stuff when I most need it. She somehow knows when I am having a bad day and a goofy email card will magically pop up in my inbox.

I have often felt bad since moving here because I am awful at keeping in touch. I send Christmas cards and that is about it. I hate talking on the phone. I also feel guilty when I am meeting new friends out here, as if I am slowly replacing the old ones.

I remember a song from Brownies:

Make new friends, But keep the old, One is silver and The other’s gold

My friends that I left behind are truly gold. I miss them terribly on days that I am down in the dumps and especially on days of great cheerfulness. I miss the little nuances and inside jokes of their lives and they miss mine.

Since moving to Colorado, I have met amazing friends. I do not even know how it happened. They just kind of trickled into my life. Although I have not known them long, they are here physically and provide much warmth in times of loneliness. That is what makes them gold.

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